MyOwnPages© briefly depicts the segments of my 60+ years of effort in career preparation and follow through. The presentation format of the material is separated into five main topics:

Images of the insignia for the 8th Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Cavalry Division, located at the top of the page, links to URLs which describe the many traditions and heritage of the 8th Cavalry Regiment, a subordinate element of the 1st Cavalry Division, that I was assigned to for my tour of military duty which occurred early in my career.

Without the benefits of the "GI Bill", earned by my military service, my long academic career would have been cut short.
The "Academic Institutions" Section links to various colleges and universities that I attended and lists the studies pursued.
The "Professional and Product Experience" Section links to various companies that I worked for and lists the job functions performed during employment.
The "Genealogy Data Base" Section contains separate text files of information on my wife's and my ancestors. Many people take pride in the fact that their ancestors came from the same region of the country. (Ours came from everywhere !!)
The "Acknowledgment" Section gives recognition to those who helped guide and stabilize my career.

My career encompassed product research, development, manufacture and support of dependable, leading edge technical hardware systems. For those of the younger generation who may be considering future employment in the technology fields of today, I offer the following observations:

1. There is no end of formal education.
  • (The fat lady never sings.)
2. In searching for employment, look for an opportunity which offers a challenge to your abilities.
  • (There is no easy way to make a good living, but it can be enjoyable when interesting and self motivating.)
3. Look for integrity in the ways that your company deals with contemporary employees, suppliers and customers.
  • (An ethical business promotes a good working condition.)
4. Don't be concerned that you may not work for one company throughout your career because of cyclic business conditions.
  • (Business stability is not necessarily a requirement for job satisfaction. In fact, it may promote complacency and may be boring!)
  • (In today's culture, you are an economic commodity in the eyes of your employer. If you have critical or unique skills and are a good performer, it is highly likely that you will be be retained, if you want to be.)

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Education has been an important factor in my development. Early in my career planning, it was understood that a good education could provide the knowledge and skill required to compete. As may be derived from the enrollment period legend of the educational institution logos below, my formal education continued over a span of 47 years. During this time period, I obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering and went on to pursue Computer Science Studies and graduate work in Control Systems. In defense of the long time interval, it was necessary to return to the "fountain" to update my knowledge base as new and challenging technologies evolved.

Georgia Phillips

2nd Row - Virginia K. Boudreau, Frances Hoffman, Herman Hulsebus
1st Row - Paul Merrill, Wm. Harry Boudreau, William Schlager, Marie Hachtel
Absent - Fern Brinkley, Elizabeth Schlager

1930 Chevrolet, "Sedan" - Model AD 26HP
"Identified by Ed Walker of Middlekauff Ford"

My initial encounter with formal education was in the first grade. The picture of the entire faculty and student body shown above includes the 1st grade through the 8th grade.If you examine the picture closely, it may be determined that I did not choose to conform to the casual dress code which was permitted every Friday. This must have set a pattern, because I never have dressed casual on Fridays, even though it now politically correct.

Not wanting to bore you with a lot of text material, it may be of benefit to browse web sites that describes the educational institutions that I attended. To browse, position the mouse cursor over the specific institution of interest and "click" on it.

Engineering 1944/45

Engineering 1945/48

Engineering 1948/49

Control Systems 1956/60

Business Administration 1966

Engine Analysis 1974

Computer Sciences 1977/81

My first, after high-school, full time job was with a local engineering and manufacturing company - Gardner Denver. The demands to furnish equipment in support of World War II produced a shortage in the available technical/skilled personnel. Gardner had a "jobs for summer" program before the phrase became "politically correct". Each summer of my college years (which was interrupted by a tour of military duty), I was given increased responsibilities. By a quirk of an economic slowdown resulting from the end of the war, I was unable to secure a permanent position as a degreed engineer. The world did not come to the end. As the demand for Gardner's products diminished, other companies were getting support from the government to build up strong innovative technical staffs in anticipation of the Korean War.

The build up for the Korean War was the beginning of the transition of the needs of the military department from "bullets and iron" to electronic control systems. Motorola was the first company that offered a secure employment opportunity. Hence, this became the beginning of my long career in high technology electrical/mechanical systems.

Each legend of the company logos below describes the functional positions held throughout my period of employment. "Clicking" on the logo of a specific company of interest, provides an overview of the company and each of their respective product lines.



Design Engineer

Industrial Engineer
Chief Industrial Engineer

Sr. Production Engineer
Engineering Supervisor
Staff Engineer
Project Engineer
Section Head
Section Head
Department Head
Engineering Manager
Sr. Research Engineer
Staff Engineer
Program Manager

Staff/Systems Engineer
Department Head

Director of Operations

Divisional Manager


"Mine" "Hers"

"Our Daughters"

The Boudreau(x) and my wife's family (Damhorst) hierarchies are documented in separate HTML files. By "clicking" on the respective icon, these family unit files may be viewed on a standard web browser. To view subsequent or prior generations, "Left Click" on the highlighted family member name to link into the designated family unit.

The status of the data as of 05 April 2002 is shown below:

Nbr of Generation Links = 15
Total SurNames = 105
Total Individual Names = 540

To view the SurName and Individual Name listings contained in the family tree, "Click" on the 2nd row of the table above.

The family tree data base is under constant revision inasmuch as missing elements are filled in and new branches added. Should anyone be familiar with or be able to identify any of the incomplete data elements, please E-mail your comments or recommendations for a source which may have related or contemporary data.

Throughout my career development, I was fortunate to be associated with several individuals who either:
  • Offered advice based upon their prior experiences.
  • Supported my product development and business goals.
  • Extended me help when I needed it.

The following listing are those friends that fall into the above categories:

Eugene C. Adam Mc Donnell Douglas
Jim Armstrong Honeywell
Albert Beckgerd Sr. Gardner Denver
Helen M. Boudreau My Mother
Sir Richard Cave Smiths Industries (SI), UK
Anthony (Tony) Davies Smiths Industries (SI), USA
John Desmond Sperry/Collins/SI Industries/Flight Dynamics
Donald A. Few Sperry Flight Systems/Honeywell
Paul Green Sperry/Collins/SI Industries
William O. Paulson Honeywell
Mike Petromonico Boeing
John F. Pflug Honeywell
Jack Rector Rockwell Collins
Bob Roe Sperry Flight Systems
Carl Swed Motorola
George Taylor Honeywell

Do you have a friend that you have not contacted lately?
Search the "White Pages" directory of the United
States for a listing of his/her telephone number and address.

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