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Gardner Denver one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of stationary air compressors, blowers, and petroleum pumps is headquartered in Quincy, Illinois. Gardner Denver has manufacturing facilities in Quincy, Illinois and Sedalia, Missouri; a distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee; a remanufacturing center in Indianapolis, Indiana and strategically located domestic and international field sales and service offices.

Gardner Denver operations are organized into two separate business product lines - Compressed Air Products and Petroleum Products. Market targets and typical applications for each business product line are described in the following sections.

Dean Rupe, Package Assembly Technician.

Upper Left;
New 22PSI truck blower which provides higher pressure for more demanding applications.

Upper Right;
Assembly of large, low noise Sutorbilt® Q-Series blower for air separation processes.

Lower Right;
Four stage horizontally opposed, double acting, reciprocating compressor for bottle blowing industries.

The Compressed Air Product Line is comprised of stationary rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors and blowers for industrial applications. The largest market for the product line of compressors and blowers are the durable goods manufacturers; process industries (petroleum, primary metals, pharmaceuticals, food, and paper); original equipment manufacturers; manufacturers of carpet cleaning equipment, pneumatic conveying equipment, and dry bulk trailers; along with utilities, mining/drilling and construction.

Harlon Lain, Certified Welder in Heavy Assembly.

Upper Left;
Patented ball joint connecting rod assembly for the GD-700 and GD-2000 well stimulation pumps.

Lower Right;
GD-2000 well stimulation pump undergoing field reliability and durability testing.

Lower Left;
GD-700 lightweight, ruggedized well stimulation pump.

The Petroleum Product Line is comprised of petroleum pumps used for oil and gas production. well servicing, well stimulation, and oil and gas drilling. Typical applications include oil transfer, salt water disposal, ammine pumping for gas processing, enhanced oil recovery, hydraulic power, and other liquid transfer requirements. The new Balanced Opposed Short Stroke (BOSS®) compressor was designed for the emerging markets of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle refueling.

The foundation of the Gardner Company was laid in 1859 when Robert W. Gardner redesigned the "fly-ball" governor to provide speed control for steam engines. Among his best customers were oil drillers, who relied on steam to power their rigs and hoisting mechanisms. A natural diversification occurred in 1890 when Gardner ventured into a second product line. Steam pumps, originally designed to provide water for pressurized boilers, were easily converted to mud pumps and enjoyed popularity in Texas following the major oil strike at the great Spindletop Oil Field in 1901. Subsequently, fear of a decline in the demand for steam power led to the introduction of a third product line, vertical high-speed air compressors.

In 1927, Gardner's son, J. Willis Gardner, negotiated a complementary merger with Denver Rock Drill. This new entity, Gardner-Denver, supplied equipment for oil wells, pipeline trenching, mining, dam and tunnel projects, highway construction and other projects representing significant domestic growth opportunities.

Gardner-Denver continued to grow until it was acquired in 1979 by Cooper Industries, and was split into a number of divisions. In 1985, several divisions were consolidated to form the Gardner-Denver Industrial Machinery Division. Also in 1985, the OPI well stimulation pump line was acquired and added to the Division. In January 1987, Sutorbilt ® and DuroFlow ® blower product lines were acquired. These additions solidified a strong base upon which to make further market inroads.

In October 1993, Cooper Industries announced the spin-off of the Gardner- Denver Industrial Machinery Division to Cooper's common shareholders, in a tax-free transaction. It was felt that as a separate company, Gardner-Denver would have the flexibility to better address changing market conditions.

Over the past 135 years, the product lines of Gardner Denver have primarily focused on two categories, compressed air products petroleum equipment. These two product lines have distinct markets, distribution channels and customer bases.


Genuine Factory Parts and Our Professional Service Team

Total product support now and for years to come is provided by a dedicated international team of professional distributors, the Master Distribution Center (MDC) with its extensive genuine replacement parts inventory, our Industrial Machinery Remanufacturing Center (IMRC) staffed with skilled, factory-trained technicians.

The combination of all these services help keep your equipment up and running, backed by our substantial warranties and the Gardner Denver worldwide reputation for standing behind all the products manufactured and sold. The Our global network of dedicated authorized distributors fully supports every sale.

The service support organization are on your team to respond 24 hours a day with genuine replacement parts - when you need them. "Will fit" or "may fit" parts not engineered to original tolerances may lead to poor performance or induce equipment breakdowns. Your authorized distributor - the only one with the truly genuine article, manufactured on the same production line with identical parts to those originally assembled in your equipment.


Proximity to Transportation Infrastructure Minimizes Down Time

The Master Distribution Center (MDC) is strategically located in Memphis, Tennessee, the country's best shipping center, having access to outstanding surface and air transportation. The MDC is equipped with sophisticated material handling and computerized inventory systems available to dispatch orders from the extensive genuine replacement parts stock to any destination worldwide. In the unlikely event that parts that are needed in an emergency are not in the local distributor's inventory, they will be dispatched quickly from the Master Distribution Center.


Alternative Source of IMRC Maximizes Equipment Availability

The Industrial Machinery Remanufacturing Center (IMRC) is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Cost-effective rebuilt blowers or compressors are available "off-the-shelf" from the Industrial Machinery Remanufacturing Center as an alternate source. The most popular types of equipment are locally stocked to provide the most cost-effective replacement alternative without delay.

The Center is staffed with experienced, factory-trained, skilled technicians who disassemble, analyze, remanufacture or repaired using factory original parts to incorporate the latest engineering improvements in the exchange equipments received from the field. The utilization of Factory-Trained Technicians achieves higher efficiencies, minimizing downtime and revenue losses. Service Technicians regularly attend factory-sponsored schools and receive up-to-date bulletins on the newest methods to best maintain equipment.

Shop equipment and procedures used in the remanufacturing of exchanged units duplicate that of the original manufacturing processes. Reusable parts are rebuilt to original engineering specifications or new parts are installed to assure continued long life for your equipment. After assembly, all remanufactured units are tested and warranted. Quick responses and thorough workmanship will achieve minimal "on-site" down time for your equipment !


Strong Domestic and International Sales Strengthens Market Position

Since 1859 Gardner Denver, as an industry leader, continues to strengthen its domestic sales base while at the same time, looking to expand its presence in Europe. To accomplish this, Gardner Denver is exploring strategic alliances with other US and international companies. Coupled with certification to the International Standards Organization Quality Management and Quality Assurance Documents (ISO 9000) in 1994, the leadership of Gardner Denver's position in international and domestic markets has been established. This position will be maintained into the 21st Century through our continuing mission of providing the highest quality products and total customer satisfaction.

For more information, please contact:

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