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"Description of Heraldic items contained in the French Boudreau Shield"
"Description of Heraldic items contained in the Canadian Coat Of Arms"
In 1999, the Association des Boudreau Incorporated made a request to the Heraldry Authority of Canada to be granted a concession for a Coat of Arms. The request was accepted by her Excellence, the Right Honorable Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada who presented the Coat Of Arms (shown right) to the Boudreau (ot, ault, eaux) families during a ceremony on 20 February, 2000 in Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, Canada. The Coat of Arms contains the blue and red of the Acadian flag as well as the star of Mary. The anchor represents the ties with seafaring and with the original settling of Port Royal. The scale reminds us that Michel Boudrot was a Magistrate in Port Royal. The crown represents the ties with Port Royal; the "fleur de lys" on the crown are a symbol of the early French presence in the colony. There are eleven of them, each one for a child of Michel and Michelle.

Blazon Arms
Per pale Azure and Gules an anchor Argent between dexter the star of Acadie and sinister a pair of scales Or the anchor ensigned by a crown set with eleven finials flory also Or;

Translation - "To the fidelity and valor of our ancestors"

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