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  1st Cavalry Division  

The development of this body of work has extended over 15 years, beginning when I retired from my professional career at Honeywell, Inc. and began to reflect on my past. My early assignment to the Troop "F", 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division in Japan formed a basis of my entry into my adult world and my continuing close associations with many of its units during my career of weapon and platform systems development such as the leading edge, pulse radar altimeter (still in use today), Electronic Displays for helicopter cockpit instruments, infra red sensors and M1 tank targeting systems provided a focus for my future activity - that of developing a WebSite that chronicled the beginnings of the regimental units that formed the continuous history and evolution of the 1st Cavalry Division.

During my travels over the west, touring the remains of old cavalry stations and forts conducting my editorial research, I met many individuals that made significant contributions to my Internet material, which has grown to approximately 500 URLs. This URL provides me the opportunity to recognize those individuals who "helped me on the way" to achieve my goal.

William Harry Boudreau

1st Cavalry Division - Contributing and Advisory Editors

"As one of the Army's two on-call heavy contingency force divisions, the First Team has an on-order mission to deploy to a designated contingency area of operations by sea, air or land, conduct reception, staging, onward movement and integration; and on order, conduct combat operations and redeployment."

Contributors And Advisory Editors

Coleman J. D., LTC. (Ret)"B" Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment and 1st Cavalry Division - PIO, Vietnam.
Hodes, John T., COL (Ret),Platoon Leader "D" Company, 1st Battalion and "F" Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, Korea.
Laporte, Leon J., LTG, USA,G3 then Chief of Staff 1st Cavalry Division Desert Shield/Desert Storm.
Milano, James M., COL, USA,G3 1st Cavalry Division, Operation Joint Forge, Bosnia.
Shoemaker, Robert M., GEN (Ret)Commander. 1st Cavalry Division TRICAP period Ft. Hood, Texas.
Walton, Donald H., COL (Ret)Commander. 302nd Reconnaissance Company. 1st Cavalry Division WWII period.

Technical Contributors

Dennis Webster (Ret), Executive Director of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.

Arthur J. Junot BG (Ret), Former Executive Director of the 1st Cavalry Division Association.

General Junot enlisted in the Army in 1947 and later attended the Officer Candidate School at Ft. Riley, KS and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Cavalry in 1950.

Following a tour as platoon leader and later executive officer with the Tank Company of the 23rd Infantry Regiment in Korea and two tours of duty in Vietnam, he served with the Military Assistance Command Vietnam, the 16th Aviation Group of the Americal Division and commanded a battalion of the 34th General Support Group.

In 1973 he was assigned to MASSTER at Ft. Hood, TX, as Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel and Administration. Later he assumed command of the Division Support Command of the 1st Cavalry Division. Departing from Ft. Hood, he was assigned as Assistant Commandant of the US Army Transportation School at Ft. Eustis, VA.

After promotion to Brigadier General he left Ft. Eustis to command the US Army Troop Support Command in St. Louis, MO. and later became Deputy Commanding General of the newly formed Troop Support and Aviation Readiness Command in St. Louis. General Junot retired after 31 years of service having served in Infantry, Cavalry, Armor, Artillery and Transportation branches.

Jeffery E. Phillips BG, Deputy Chief of Public Affairs

Commissioned in 1979, Brigadier General Phillips has seen duty in armor units in the United States and Europe and commanded an M-1 Abrams tank company in the 1st "Tiger" Brigade of the 2nd Armored Division.

Before joining the 1st Cavalry Division, Phillips served with United Nations peacekeeping forces in the Middle East, sharing the 1988 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the Peacekeepers.

Phillips served as the 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs Officer throughout the Southwest Asia Campaign. His team of Army photojournalists extensively recorded, captured vivid images of the combat operations of the 1st Cavalry Division in the Gulf and later wrote "America's First Team in the Gulf," the illustrated history of the division in operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Formally, as an Army Reservist he served annually as an Army spokesman, Army Public Affairs, the Pentagon. He lives in Washington, DC and was formally Director of Public Affairs for Veteran Administration.

Currently Brigadier General Jeffrey E. Phillips assumed duties as the Deputy Chief of Public Affairs on 01 October 2007. In this position he assists the Chief of Public Affairs with all communications issues involving the United States Army including the professional development of military public affairs personnel. Among his responsibilities are the formulation of communications and public affairs strategies, plans and policies.

Robert F. Litle, Jr. COL (Ret), Program Director, 1st Cavalry Division Association.

Colonel Robert Litle entered service through the US Army Air Corps Aviation Cadet program in WW II. By the end of the war, he was a B-29 pilot and he returned to college at Purdue University. Upon graduation with a degree in Air Transportation, he transferred from the US Air Force Reserve to the Army National Guard and returned to active service in 1949 as a Liaison Pilot in the Infantry.

During his military service he commanded at all levels-from infantry platoon through aviation group, including command of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry in Vietnam.

Following his retirement in 1973 he was selected to the Army Aviation Hall of Fame and was formally Program Director for the 1st Cavalry Division Association.

Steven C. Draper, Director, 1st Cavalry Division Museum

Mr. Draper is a graduate of Michigan State University earning a Bachelor Degree in history and interpretive services.

Mr. Draper began his museum career in 1975, as Curatorial Assistant and Museum Interpreter with the Michigan Historical Museum. Following a successful consulting career, in 1983, Mr. Draper became the Director/Curator of the Lowry Heritage Museum, Lowry Technical Training Center, Lowry AFB, Colorado, where he was responsible for overall operations of the museum and the museum's aircraft restoration program.

Since 1992, Mr. Draper has been the Director of the 1st Cavalry Division Museum, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. and also serves as advisor to the Division's Commanding General on matters of the Division's history and preservation of it's material culture. He is responsible for the collecting, preservation, and exhibition of the museum's collection of over 3,000 objects and 100 military vehicles.

In 1999, Mr. Draper was deployed to Bosnia with 1st Cavalry Division to collect artifacts, papers, photographs and other materials to document to the Division tour there.

Mr. Draper has been awarded the Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service and Army's Commander's Award for Civilian Service.

Mr. Draper is member of the American Association of Museums and its Curator's standing committee, Mountain Plains Association of Museums, Texas Association of Museums and the Central Texas Association of Museums. He has served on a number of museum professional committees both state, regional and national including chairman of the Curator's Committee for the Air Force Museum Program.

William H. Boudreau, Author

William H. Boudreau served with "F" Troop, 8th Cavalry Regiment during the Occupation of Japan. Following his military service, Mr. Boudreau, earned a Mechanical Engineer Degree, completed Graduate Studies in Control Systems and followed a technical career of systems development which closely paralleled the weapon innovation and advancements of those utilized by the 1st Cavalry Division.

In 1962, Mr. Boudreau, lead an engineering team which developed a helicopter radar terrain following system which was successfully tested at Ft. Huachuca, AZ and Ft. Rucker, AL and accepted by the Army as a basic flight instrument requirement. He shadowed the journey of the 1st Cavalry Division to Vietnam, monitoring the evolution of tactical aviation technology through the mid and late '60's.

His next encounter with the 1st Cavalry Division came in the mid '70's with the early research, development and testing of helicopter night vision and flight director control systems. In the '80's, the response to the threat of the "Winds of War" brought about the development of the M-21 Remote Chemical Sensor Monitor and M-1 Main Battle Tank Environmental Protection System.

In the '90's, Mr. Boudreau followed the 1st Cavalry Division, in spirit, to the air and ground war of the Persian Gulf with the fielding of ruggedized laser guidance systems for the M-109 Howitzer and the M-1 Main Battle Tank and advanced Heads Down CRT instrumentation for OH-58 and AH-64 Helicopters.

Now retired, Mr. Boudreau conducts military history research, which he publishes on the Internet. He is currently the Historian for the 1st Cavalry Division Association.

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