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The mission of "F" Company, 1st Battalion, 58th Aviation Regiment, is to, on order, rapidly deploy worldwide to provide Air Traffic Services to the 1st Cavalry Division in combat or contigency operations with joint or combined forces.

The capabilities of "F" Company extends from operating in a remote tactical airstrip environment to manning the flight control center of a fully instrumented airfield, complete with navigational aids and approach radar. Additionally the Company has liaison personnel who support the Division and Corps Airspace Command and Control Cells.

Personnel of "F" Company has participated in numerous National Training Center and Joint Readiness Training Center Rotations, a Division Capstone Exercise and the Force XXI fielding of the AN/TSQ-221 Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS) and is fully able to carryout its mission to rapidly deploy worldwide and provide Air Traffic Services to the 1st Cavalry Division in combat or contingency operations with joint or combined forces.


On 20 January 2003, "F" Company, 1st Battalion, 58th Aviation Regiment, currently assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division, received orders to deploy along with the 4th Infantry Division to southwest Asia. "F" Company is an Air Traffic Control (ATC) asset of the 18th Airborne Corps out of Fort Bragg NC. Their mission was to provide air traffic control support for the 4th Infantry Division in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

Operating out of Camp Speicher, a former Iraqi fighter training base where bits of pieces of the orginal occupants equipment can be seen, "F" Company operates independantly to support flight operations of the 4th ID. The control tower, badly damages during the air strikes, has been refurbished and communication equipments have been replaced allowing the control of fixed wing and rotary aircraft withing a 5 mile radius of the airspace around the field for approach and departure in either Visual Flight Rules (VFR) or Ground Controlled Approach (GCA) conditions.

The support of remote, temporary or forward refueling point operations, a tactical team operating out of a Humvee outfitted with radar and communications gear can be set up in under 20 minutes. Manpack radios, can be dispatched to the site for a more rapid response.

Intially under the operational control of the 4th Brigade (Aviation), 1st Cavalry Division, the unit was moved to the operational control of the 615th Aviation Support Battalion in July 2005. This was part of the reorganization of the 615th Aviation Support Battalion, a product of the transformation of the 1st Cavalry Division to the US Army's modular force structure. The 615th Aviation Support Battalion was relieved from its assignment to the 1st Cavalry Division as part of the process and reassigned to the Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division.

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