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Redeployment For Operation Iraqi Freedom IV

On 27 July 2006 the Department of Defense announced additional major units scheduled to deploy as part of the next Operation Iraqi Freedom rotation. The announcement, included four Army brigades and two Marine Regimental Combat Teams consisting of approximately 25,000 service members puts the entire 1st Cavalry Division on orders to return to Iraq. The newly identified units of the 1st Cavalry Division are the 1st Brigade and 4th Brigades, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Bliss, Texas. This rotation continues the US commitment to Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, yet is flexible and adaptable in order to meet the evolving requirements for the mission in Iraq.

Last Kiss Before Long Departure
On 29 July, at the Kieschnick Fitness Center, troops of the 1st Cavalry Division and military policemen said their last good-byes to loved ones at Ft. Hood before leaving Central Texas on a chartered flight to Kuwait. Among the lead group were the first 19 soldiers from the 15th Sustainment Brigade's Brigade Troop Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division. Their departure marked the start of the scheduled return of the Division to Iraq in the coming months.

Families and friends sat and waited in the gymnasium bleachers, counting the minutes until their soldier walked onto a bus headed to the Robert Gray Army Airfield. Other troops leaving on an early morning flight Sunday at 0300 hours were from the 89th Military Police Brigade and the 49th Transportation Battalion, 13th Sustainment Command.

On 13 October, after nearly a month at sea from Beaumont, TX, the equipment of the BlackJack Combat Brigade arrived at Port Ash Shuaiba for offloading. The equipment was immediately cleared for operational use and by 27 October the BlackJack Brigade had moved and uncased their colors on BlackJack Field in the remote base of Camp Buehring, Kuwait, marking the beginning of its operations in Iraq.

1st Cavalry Division Conducts TOA
On 15 November, under the clear morning skies of a promising new day the 1st Cavalry Division took the reigns for Multi-National Division, (Task Force) Baghdad from the 4th Infantry Division during a Transfer Of Authority Ceremony at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, Iraq. The ceremony honored the hard work and sacrifices of the departing 4th "Ironhorse" Infantry Division who will return to their home base at Ft. Hood, TX,, and looked forward to future challenges and successes to be garnered by the "First Team".

Lt. General Peter Chiarelli, the Commanding General of the Multi-National Corps - no stranger to the 1st Cavalry Division, presided over the ceremony. Less than two years ago, he had commanded the First Team during their first rotation as MND-B. With the crisp notes of the 1st Cavalry Division band accompanying the ceremony, Major Generalo James D. Thurman the Commanding General of the Multi-National Division, Baghdad passed on the mantle of MND-B with pride for his soldiers and optimism for his successors. Major General Joseph F. Fil Jr. the Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division, uncased his colors and assumed command of the MND-B mission as the Division colors changed position in the honor guard procession.

The "IronHorse" (1st BCT) Battalions took over the largest and most populated areas in Multi-National Division - Baghdad, the IronHorse Brigade Combat Team was an integral part of the surge operation in Baghdad. The initial focus on combat operations provided a safe, stable, and secure environment which allowed reconciliation efforts of both Sunni and Shia tribal leaders and led to a significant expansion of Iraqi Security Forces, local government, and infrastructure improvement followed by a flourishing economic and cultural growth.

The "BlackJack" (2nd BCT) Battalions hit the ground running and assumed a variety of counterinsurgency missions to repair and rebuild a nation crippled by 30 years under a totalitarian regime. By the fall of 2007, the Brigade enjoyed successes both in combat operations and along all major lines of operation: security, economic, essential services and governance. The Brigade continued to demonstrate its flexibility, lethality and compassion while simultaneously destroying or disrupting enemy forces and continuing civil military operations.

The "GreyWolf" (3nd BCT) Battalions were deployed to the Diyala Province and based out of Baqubah. While serving as the main regional force for Coalition efforts in the area it fell under the command of Multi National Division-North (MND-N), commanded by the 25th Infantry Division and based out of COB Speicher in Tikrit.

The "Longknives" (4th BCT) Battalions assumed responsibility of Ninawa province from the 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division on 09 December 2006. The Brigade headquarters was based in Mosul, Ninawa's provincial capital. The brigade's mission was to build capable Iraqi security forces and to conduct counter insurgency operations to neutralize anti-Iraqi forces. The brigade transferred authority to the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in December 2007 and completed redeployment operations.

227th Helicopter On Night Mission
On 24 September 2006, the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, as an element of the 1st Cavalry Division, deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06 - 08 and operating out of Camp Taji conducted full spectrum combat operations in as part of the "The Surge" including sustained attack and reconnaissance operations for 15 months over Baghdad, in support of Multi-National Divisions - Baghdad and Center.

The "Mavricks" (DSTB) conducted a relief in place and Transfer Of Authority on 15 November 2006. Their main objective was to support the Cavalry Division/Multinational Division-Baghdad during Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08, The DSTB quickly grew to over 2000 personnel of all services as the "Surge" forces entered Iraq. Hhaving played a critical role in the transformation of Iraq into a free nation during this decisive period in Iraq, the DSTB was personnel and equipment back to Fort Hood, TX.

The "WagonMasters" (15th Sustainment Brigade) was one of the first elements of the 1st Cavalry Division to return to Iraq and assumed control for logistics in the Baghdad area of operations. The Brigade provided command and control for numerous units not normally associated with the 1st Cavalry Division. Tasks the unit completed during its tour in Iraq included construction and maintenance of sustainment facilities, and maintaining vehicles, including adding additional armor to Humvee vehicles.

Needs Data

On 13 August 2007, Division Headquarters announced a preliminary schedule for the return of the troops from Iraq. A timeline for the return of units is shown below.

Preliminary Time-Line for Return of Troops from Iraq
Iron Horse = 1st Brigade Combat Team
BlackJack - 2nd Brigade Combat Team
GreyWolf = 3rd Brigade Combat Team
LongKnife = 4th Brigade Combat Team
Warriors = 1st Air Cavalry Brigade
Maverick = Division Special Troops Battalion
Wagonmaster = 15th Sustainment Brigade
SilverEagles = 15th Finance Battalion
Broncos = 15th Personnel Services Battalion

4th "LongKnife" Brigade Conducts TOA
On 11 December during a Transfer of Authority ceremony, at Forward Operating Base Marez. Mosul, Iraq, the 4th "Long Knife" Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, handed over their responsibility for operations in northern Iraq to the 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment from Ft. Hood, TX. The Long Knife Brigade cased their colors for transport back to the US, following a 14-month tour in Ninevah Province located in northern Iraq, as the 3d ACR unfurled theirs, to symbolize assumption of control of the northern battlespace and formally mark the beginning of their third rotation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom since 2003.

Major General. Mark Hertling, commander of the 1st Armored Division, Task Force Iron, and Multinational Division North, began the remarks by observing how, in a bit of historic irony, the newest Brigade Combat Team of the Army had just ceded battlefield responsibility to the oldest regiment of the Army. With the majority of the Long Knife Brigade's Soldiers in transition to Kuwait, or already back in the US, Col. Stephen Twitty, commander of the Fort Bliss, Texas, based 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, welcomed Col. Mike Bills and the great Soldiers of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment. The Soldiers of 3rd ACR are no strangers to Ninevah Province, having served the great people of Tal'Afar during their darkest moments.

1st Cavalry Division Conducts TOA
On 19 December, under the clear, morning skies of a promising new day at Camp liberty, Baghdad, Iraq, the 1st Cavalry Division transferred the authority for the Multi-National Division - Baghdad to the 4th Infantry Division. It is the third deployment for 4th Infantry Division to return to Baghdad, Iraq. The ceremony honored the hard work and sacrifices of the departing "First Team" and looked forward to future challenges and successes soon to be earned by the "Ivy" Division. With the clear, crisp notes of the 4th Infantry Division Band accompanying the ceremony, Major General Joseph F. Fil Jr. the Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division, passed the mantle of MND-B with pride for his soldiers and optimism for his successors, lead by Major General Jeffery Hammond, commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division,

The biggest success in this deployment was the complete, full partnership that the 1st Cavalry Division formed with their counterparts in the Iraqi Army, National Police, station police, patrol police and local leaders. Because of their shared concern, genuine care and daily engagement, they earned the trust and confidence of the people of Baghdad. In turn, it sparked a grassroots movement among the millions of residents and empowered them to feel in control of their own destiny. The 4th Infantry Division uncased their colors and assumed command of the MND-B mission as the colors of the divisions changed position in the honor guard procession.

Current details of the returning units and their flight schedule is shown below. Additional unit schedules will be added as they become available from the PAO.

Mustang 01 15 October 11:45 PM
Wagonmaster 01 18 October 06:15 PM
Wagonmaster 02 22 October 08:30 PM
Warrior 01 05 November 11:40 AM
BlackJack 01 15 November 02:45 PM
Warrior 02 19 November 09:55 AM
Warrior 03 19 November 11:15 AM
Warrior 04 20 November 10:20 PM
Warrior 05 20 November 11:10 AM
Warrior 06 21 November 02:20 AM
Warrior 07 28 November 05:00 AM
GreyWolf 01 26 November 04:55 AM
GreyWolf 02 28 November 04:30 AM
GreyWolf 03 29 November 12:30 PM
GreyWolf 04 28 November 11:45 PM
GreyWolf 09 29 November 05:05 PM
GreyWolf 11 30 November 02:45 PM
GreyWolf 05 01 December 02:30 PM
GreyWolf 14 01 December 04:40 PM
GreyWolf 06 02 December 09:30 AM
GreyWolf 07 02 December 11:45 AM
GreyWolf 08 03 December 03:30 PM
GreyWolf 10 04 December 06:45 AM
GreyWolf 13 05 December 11:35 PM
GreyWolf 12 07 December 03:35 AM
IronHorse 01 10 December 10:15 PM
GreyWolf 16 11 December 10:00 AM
Warrior 08 13 December 05:45 AM
Warrior 10 12 December 07:00 PM
Warrior 09 15 December 11:45 AM
GreyWolf 17 16 December 07:00 PM
Warrior 12 21 December 12:50 AM
Warrior 19 18 December 01:05 PM
GreyWolf 18 18 December 02:45 PM
Warrior 11 19 December 04:45 AM
Maverick 01 19 December 02:45 PM
Maverick 02 19 December 02:45 PM
Maverick 03 20 December 01:30 PM
Maverick 04 20 December 12:45 AM
Warrior 13 21 December 02:45 PM
Warrior 16 21 December 08:45 PM
Maverick 05 22 December 02:45 PM
Warrior 15 24 December 06:40 AM
BlackJack 02 24 November 06:50 AM
Warrior 18 30 December 03:45 PM
BlackJack 13 02 January 09:40 PM
Warrior 20 03 January 10:25 AM
BlackJack 06 05 January 03:15 PM
BlackJack 07 05 January 10:45 PM
BlackJack 04 06 January 11:00 AM
BlackJack 08 06 January 09:15 PM
BlackJack 05 07 January 04:05 AM
BlackJack 09 09 January 07:30 PM
BlackJack 10 03 January 12:40 PM
BlackJack 11 05 January 08:15 PM
BlackJack 15 09 January 11:35 AM
BlackJack 12 10 January 12:15 AM
IronHorse 03 11 January 01:20 PM
Warrior 21 11 January 06:00 PM
IronHorse 02 13 January 12:35 PM
IronHorse 05 13 January 03:00 PM
IronHorse 06 13 January 10:05 PM
IronHorse 07 14 January 11:00 AM
IronHorse 12 14 January 11:40 AM
IronHorse 10 14 January 02:15 PM
IronHorse 11 15 January 01:25 PM
IronHorse 08 16 January 10:45 AM
IronHorse 04 17 January 07:55 PM
IronHorse 16 18 January 03:45 PM
IronHorse 09 18 January 12:50 PM
IronHorse 17 20 January 03:35 PM
IronHorse 19 19 January 06:10 PM
IronHorse 20 20 January 12:05 AM
BlackJack 17 20 January 02:45 AM
BlackJack 18 20 January 12:45 PM
BlackJack 19 21 January 04:45 PM
Warrior 22 23 January 04:45 PM
IronHorse 21 26 January 02:45 PM

Good News !! The flight of IronHorse 21 represents the last group of the Division personnel to return from the deployment with the exception of a few who are on the high seas with equipment.

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