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On the day of its organization, 04 April 1921, the 1st Cavalry Division was composed of two cavalry brigades, one horse artillery battalion with combat and service units. Each of the brigades was made up of two regiments, each having two squadrons of three troops each, a headquarters and headquarters troop along with a service troop. The Division was authorized a staff of 7,463 officers and enlisted men.

Spanning the next 78 years, the Division engaged in three major wars, three peace keeping occupations that covered three continents. Learning from those experiences the Division reorganized and re-equipped on four occasions in order to meet the ever-changing threats to our democracy.

The Division has grown and at the end of 2000 was authorized a staffing level of 17,000 officers and enlisted men. It is now configured as a heavy armored division, consisting of three maneuver brigades, an aviation brigade, engineer brigade, division artillery and division support command plus a band, a ceremonial horse detachment, an air defense battalion, a signal battalion, a military intelligence battalion and a military police company. The "First Team" remains a combat proven force ready to deploy and fight anywhere, anytime and win. The organizational structure for the 1st Cavalry Division as the 20th century closed is shown below:

1st Cavalry Division Table Of Organization
Division Commanders

Division Command
Sergeant Major
  Personal Staff    
Inspector General
Staff Judge Advocate
Public Affairs Officer
Chief Of Staff
  General Staff     Special Staff  
G1 Adjutant General
G2 Intelligence
Provost Marshal
G3 Operations/Plans
G4 Logistics
G5 Civil Affairs
G6 Communications
Division Comptroller
Chemical Officer
Equal Opportunity

HQ&HQ Company
2nd Bn, 5th Cavalry
2nd Bn, 8th Cavalry
1st Bn, 12th Cavalry

HQ&HQ Company
1st Bn, 5th Cavalry
1st Bn, 8th Cavalry
2nd Bn, 12th Cavalry

HQ&HQ Company
2nd Bn, 7th Cavalry
3rd Bn, 8th Cavalry
1st Bn, 9th Cavalry

HQ&HQ Troop
1st Sqn, 7th Cavalry
1st Bn, 227th Aviation
2nd Bn, 227th Aviation
"F" Co, 1st Bn, 58th Avn

HQ&HQ Battery
1st Bn, 21st Fld Arty
1st Bn, 82nd Fld Arty
2nd Bn, 82nd Fld Arty
3rd Bn, 82nd Fld Arty
68th Chemical Company

HQ&HQ Detachment
8th Engineer Bn
20th Engineer Bn
91st Engineer Bn

HQ&HQ Company
15th Support Bn (FWD)
27th Support Bn (MAIN)
115th Support Bn (FWD)
215th Support Bn (FWD)
615th Support Bn (AVN)
Dvn Mat'l Mgm't Center

HQ&HQ Co, 1st Cav Div
1st Cavalry Div Band
1st Cavalry Horse Det
4th Bn, 5th Air Defense
13th Signal Bn
312th M.I. Bn
545th M.P. Company
9th Air Spt Operations
15th Finance Bn
15th Personnel Svc Bn
Staff Judge Advocate
Equal Opportunity

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