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1st Cavalry Division
  Commanding Generals  

Throughout the history of the 1st Cavalry Division, it has had the ability to transition through the seamless integration of the methods of war fighting and improvements in armament technology. This attribute is founded upon the evolution of Division Commanders and subordinate units with experienced Commissioned and Noncommissioned personnel who continuously upgrade their management of warring skills.

Change Of Command Ceremony
Presentation Of Division Colors

Upper Left: The Commissioned, Noncommissioned Officers and Soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Division participates in a colorful Change of Command Ceremony at Cooper Field, Ft. Hood, TX, The flag was flown at "half staff" in memory of all the victims of the 911 attack.

Upper Right: The Color Guard presents the Colors of the Subordinate Units and the Division to the Outgoing and Incoming Commanders of the 1st Cavalry Division.

Throughout the history of the 1st Cavalry Division, the Soldiers, Noncommissioned Officers and Officers have been proud to have the following Officers serve in the capacity of their Division Commander and then move on to subsequently assume greater responsibility to further their distinguished careers in the Army.

1st Cavalry Division - Commanding Generals

"As one of the Army's two on-call heavy contingency force divisions, the First Team has an on-order mission to deploy to a designated contingency area of operations by sea, air or land, conduct reception, staging, onward movement and integration; and on order, conduct combat operations and redeployment."
Commanding GeneralDates Of Service
Major General Robert L. Howze Sep 1921 - Jun 1925
Brigadier General Joseph C. Castner Jun 1925 - Jan 1926
Major General Edwin B. Winaus Jan 1926 - Oct 1927
Brigadier General Samuel D. Rockenback Oct 1927 - Nov 1927
Major General Van Horn Moseley Nov 1927 - Sep 1929
Brigadier General Charles J. Symmonds Sep 1929 - Oct 1930
Brigadier General George C. Barnhardt Oct 1930 - Dec 1930
Major General Ewing E. Booth Dec 1930 - Mar 1932
Brigadier General Walter C. Short Mar 1932 - Mar 1933
Major General Frank R. McCoy Mar 1933 - Oct 1933
Brigadier General Walter C. Short Oct 1933 - Apr 1934
Brigadier General Hamilton S. Hawkins Apr 1934 - Sep 1936
Brigadier General Francis LeJ. Parker Sep 1936 - Oct 1936
Major General Ben Lear Oct 1936 - Nov 1938
Major General Kenyon A. Joyce Nov 1938 - Oct 1940
Major General Robert C. Richardson Jr. Oct 1940 - Feb 1941
Major General Innis Palmer Swift Feb 1941 - Aug 1944
Major General Verne D. Mudge Aug 1944 - Feb 1945
Brigadier General Hugh F. T. Hoffman Feb 1945 - Jul 1945
Major General William C. Chase Jul 1945 - Feb 1949
Brigadier General William B. Bradford Feb 1949 - Feb 1949
Major General John M. Devine Feb 1949 - Aug 1949
Brigadier General Henry I. Hodes Aug 1949 - Sep 1949
Major General Hobart R. Gay Sep 1949 - Feb 1951
Major General Charles D. Palmer Feb 1951 - Jul 1951
Major General Thomas L. Harrold Jul 1951 - Mar 1952
Major General Arthur G. Trudeau Mar 1952 - Mar 1953
Brigadier General William J. Bradley Mar 1953 - Apr 1953
Major General Joseph P. Cleland May 1953 - Jun 1953
Major General Armistead D. Mead Jun 1953 - Dec 1954
Brigadier General Orlando C. Troxel Jr. Dec 1954 - May 1955
Major General Edward J. McGaw May 1955 - Nov 1956
Major General Edwin H. J. Carns Nov 1956 - Aug 1957
Major General Ralph W. Zwicker Oct 1957 - Jan 1958
Major General George E. Bush Jan 1958 - Apr 1959
Major General Charles E. Beauchamp Apr 1959 - May 1960
Major General Charles C. Dodge May 1960 - Dec 1960
Major General Frank H. Britton Dec 1960 - Jul 1961
Major General James K. Woolnough Jul 1961 - Sep 1962
Brigadier General D. C. Clayman Sep 1962 - Oct 1962
Major General Clifton F. Von Kann Oct 1962 - Jun 1963
Brigadier General Charles P. Brown Jun 1963 - Aug 1963
Major General Chas F. Leonard Jr. Aug 1963 - Oct 1964
Major General Hugh Exton Oct 1964 - June 1965
Major General Harry W. O. Kinnard Jul 1965 - May 1966
Major General John Norton May 1966 - Mar 1967
Major General John J. Tolson Mar 1967 - Aug 1968
Brigadier General Richard L. Irby Aug 1968 - Aug 1968
Major General George T. Forsythe Aug 1968 - Apr 1969
Major General E. B. Roberts May 1969 - May 1970
Major General George W. Casey May 1970 - Jul 1970
Major General George W. Putnam Aug 1970 - May 1971
Major General James C. Smith May 1971 - Jan 1973
Major General Robert M. Shoemaker Jan 1973 - Feb 1975
Major General Julius W. Becton Jr. Feb 1975 - Nov 1976
Major General W. Russell Todd Nov 1976 - Nov 1978
Major General Paul S. Williams Jr. Nov 1978 - Nov 1980
Major General Richard D. Lawrence Nov 1980 - Jul 1982
Major General Andrew P. Chambers Jul 1982 - Jun 1984
Major General Michael J. Conrad Jun 1984 - Jun 1986
Major General John J. Yeosock Jun 1986 - May 1988
Major General William F. Streeter May 1988 - Jul 1990
Major General John H. Tilelli Jr. Jul 1990 - Jul 1992
Major General Wesley K. Clark Jul 1992 - Mar 1994
Major General Eric K. Shinseki Mar 1994 - Jul 1995
Major General Leon J. LaPorte Jul 1995 - Jul 1997
Major General Kevin P. Byrnes Jul 1997 - Oct 1999
Major General David D. McKiernan Oct 1999 - Oct 2001
Major General Joseph F. H. Peterson Oct 2001 - Aug 2003
Major General Peter W. Chiarelli Aug 2003 - Nov 2005
Major General Joseph Fill Nov 2005 - Feb 2008
Brigadier General Vincent Brooks Feb 2008 - Apr 2008
Major General Daniel P. Bolger Apr 2008 - Apr 2010
Major General Daniel B. Allyn Apr 2010 - Jun 2012
Major General Anthony R. Ierardi Jun 2012 - Present

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