" The Buffaloes "  
Music By Stephen Foster - 1850
Lyrics By .... Anonymous


Regimental Coat Of Arms


Regimental Song of the 10th Cavalry Regiment
(Sung to the tune of Stephen Foster's "Camptown Races")


We're fighting bulls of the Buffaloes,
Git a goin' - git a goin',
From Kansas' plains we'll hunt our foes,
A trotten down the line.
Our range spreads west to Santa Fe,
Git a goin' - git a goin', From Dakota to Mexican way;
Trotten down the line.


Goin' to drill all day,
Goin' to drill all night,
We got our money on the Buffaloes,
Somebody bet on the fight.


Pack up your saddle and make it light.
Git a rollin' - git a rollin'.
You are training fast for a hard fight;
A rollin' down the line.
Untie your horse and boots and gun,
Git a goin' - git a goin',
Shake out your feet or you'll miss the fun,
A rollin' down the line.


Goin' to march all day,
Goin' to march all night,
We got our money on the Buffaloes,
Somebody bet on the fight.


It's troops in line for the Buffaloes,
Git a movin' - git a movin',
The Squadron mess when the bugle blows;
A movin' into line.
Pull in your reins and sit your horse,
Git a movin' - git a movin,
If you can't ride you'll be a corpse,
A movin' into line.


Goin' to fight all day,
Goin' to fight all night,
We got our money on the Buffaloes,
Somebody bet on the fight.

................ Anonymous

10th Cavalry Regimental lyrics presented
at the
10th Cavalry Ball on 04 December 1981

Lyrics by: Captain Philip D. Coker
Captain Martin E. Dempsey
Arrangement by: Captain John Fitzpatrick

What is the name of the tune that accompanies these lyrics?


I am a Buffalo Soldier
I'm the pride of the Cavalry
And I've fought at home and on foreign shores
In defense of my country.
I've rebelled against repression
Since the day I was born.
So I'm fighting with the Cavalry
To this call I am sworn.


So we're off to the battle of the morn', In the morn'
Our Sabers glitterin' in the sun
And with Christy's spirit by our side
We'll fight 'till the battles won.


In the desert heat of Texas
And in the Arizona sun,
We drove the hostile from his lair
Until the West was won.
The expansion of the nation
Our presence did ensure
And despite the hardships of the life
Out troopers did endure.



From the Bay at Santiago
And up the hill at old San Juan
To Cam Ranh Bay and Highland Trails
The Buffalo pressed on.
The eyes and ears of the Army
They call us Cavalrymen
And if the call should come once more
The 10th will ride again

CHORUS (Twice)

"Days' End"

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