"12th Cavalry Regimental Marching Song"  
Composed by An Unknown Artist
Lyrics By Major M. L. Stufflebeam
Sung By Major M. L. Stufflebeam


In 1991 the Regimental Commander, Colonel Joe Sutton, of the 12th Cavalry Regiment wanted to have a regimental song. In order to excite enthusiam for the project, he had the Ft. Knox Army Band put a tune on 8 cassettes that were distributed them to the four squadrons of the 12th that were authorised at that time. A competotion for the best set of lyrics, matching the tune, was held. The intent was for members the troops, to come up with the words for the new regimental song. A competition was held and the lyrics submitted by Major (then Captain) M. L. Stufflebeam was dfeclared the winner. The lyrics of the 12th 12th Cavalry Regimental Marching Song, that you are listening to today, are being sung by Major M. L. Stufflebeam

To this day, the tune on the cassettes, is not known. The obvious question becomes - Who knows the name of the tune that accompanies this set of lyrics

12th Cavalry Regimental Marching Song
Lyrics By Captain M. L. Stufflebeam

Here they come,
look at them march,
see the colors fly.

Raise your head
and wave a flag,
the 12th is marching by.

They're ready to fight
with all their might
So hear the eagle cry.

Don't be afraid
They'll save the day,
the 12th is marching by.

In 1901 the
nation called,
the Regiment was born.

To answer the call
and fight for all
who believed in right from wrong.

From the Philippines
to Mexico
wherever we may go.

In '42
the Japanese knew
the 12th was on the roll.

Listen to the cannons as they roar.
They fire more.
The eagles soars.
Watch the charge of the famous cavalry.
We're fit to fight,
with all our might,
the famous 12th Cavalry

Listen to the thunder of the charge,
the horses' hooves,
the rifle barks.
Watch the bloody sabers shine in the sun.
We're fit to fight,
with all our might,
the famous 12th Cavalry.

We went off to Vietnam,
air, sea and land,
to make the world free again,
for Uncle Sam.

Now we train for the day,
should the nation call,
Semper Paratus is what we say,
give freedom to all.

Here they come,
now watch them march,
see the colors fly.

Raise your head
and wave a flag,
the 12th is going by.

Always ready,
and fit to fight.
Hear the eagle cry.

Have no fear,
we are here,
the 12th Cavalry.

"Days' End"

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