4th Cavalry Regiment
Force Restructuring
"Prepared and Loyal"

In the short span of twelve years the 4th Cavalry Regiment had been redesignated as five different units and all that was left of one of the finest regiment of the US Army was its regimental numeral on an armor group headquarters company. Also, with the decision to do away with most tactical regiments, the Army realized it must preserve the valuable honors, traditions and history of famous regiments.

In 1957 the Army set up the Combat Arms Regimental System (CARS). Under CARS the regiment would be a group of tactical units bearing the regimental name. Over one hundred and fifty historic regiments of cavalry, armor, infantry and artillery were preserved. The original line companies/batteries/troops of a regiment would be activated as the headquarters company/battery/troop of newly constituted battle group/battalion/squadron to preserve the lineal ties with the old regiment. Should a separate company-sized element be required the original company/battery/troop would be activated.

On 15 February 1957, five elements of the 4th Cavalry were activated.

During the 1960s Army requirements led to changes in the active elements of the 4th Cavalry. On 01 August 1963, with the transformation of the 1st Cavalry Division to an Airmobile Division, its 2nd Battle Group was reorganized and redesignated as the 2nd Squadron and assigned to the 4th Armored Division. On 15 March 1963, the 5th Squadron was inactivated. Its predecessor "E" Troop was activated on 03 December 1963 and assigned to the Army Reserve 205th Infantry Brigade at Madison, Wisconsin. On 31 December 1965 the 4th Squadron was inactivated.

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