15th Personnel Services Battalion
Historical Missions
"Committed to Service"

The roots of the 15th Personnel Services Battalion can be traced back to 01 July 1940, when its predecessor, Company "A", 1st Replacement Battalion was constituted in the Army of the United States. On 10 March 1942, the unit was activated at Camp Hann, California. Following reorganization and redesignation as the 256th Replacement Company, the company was deployed to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and served in New Guinea areas in World War II and was inactivated on 15 December 1946, in Korea.

Vietnam War

On 15 October 1965, the unit was redesignated as the 256th Personnel Service Company and subsequently was activated on 01 November 1965, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Serving in southeast Asia, the unit was inactivated on 25 June 1971 in Thailand.

The Modern Cavalry

On 01 October 1985, the unit was redesignated as the 15th Personnel Service Company and activated at Fort Hood, Texas and assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division. On 07 September 1990, the 15th Personnel Service Company was reassigned to the newly formed 3rd Personnel Group that serves III Corps.

Persian Gulf War, Southwest Asia

On 07 August 1990, a deployment order for the Southwest Asia operations was issued. The order called for the division to be attached to the XVIII Airborne Corps to reinforce Saudi Arabia and organize for combat operations. Plans calling for the division to deploy by 15 September extended the work day to 14, 16 and in some cases 24 hours. On schedule, by mid September over 800 heavy loaded vehicles were loaded at the Fort Hood railhead to make the trip to the seaports of Houston and Beaumont. An additional 4,200 vehicles formed road conveys that left every two hours, around the clock.

On 16 September, an Air Force C5A Galaxy, carrying the advanced headquarters staff, left Fort Hood Robert Gray Army Airfield. The 15th Personnel Service Company accompanied the Division and served proudly in the Persian Gulf War, helping the 1st Cavalry Division and other coalition forces crush the Iraqi Army. The Unit then redeployed to Fort Hood with the "First Team" on 09 March 1991.

Today's Cavalry

On 11 August 1993, the 15th Personnel Service Company was provisionally activated as the 15th Personnel Services Battalion. On 16 October 1994, the 15th Personnel Service Company was reorganized and redesignated as the 15th Personnel Services Battalion. Administrative progress is an important element of history of the 15th Personnel Service Battalion. As part of the 3rd Personnel Group, the peacetime mission of the Battalion is to provide direct personnel support to the approximately 17,500 soldiers and families of the 1st Cavalry Division. In April 2008, the 15th Personnel Services Battalion was inactivated as part of the transformation of US Army personnel services.

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