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In January 1995, the 4th Infantry Division received orders that the 2nd Armored Division located at Fort Hood, TX would be reflagged as the 4th Infantry Division and the Division Headquarters would be relocated to Fort Hood, TX. On 15 October 1995 in preparation for the reflagging, the 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry was inactivated at Fort Carson, Colorado.

On 15 December 1995 the Division reflagging ceremony took place at Fort Hood, TX. The new organizational configuration of the 4th Infantry Division consisted of the 1st Brigade, the 2nd Brigade, the 3rd Brigade, that remained at Fort Carson, CO, and the 4th Brigade (formally the Aviation Brigade). On 15 March 1996, as part of the 4th Infantry Division alignment, the 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry was consolidated with the 4th Reconnaissance Company and the consolidated unit retained the designation of the 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry, activated at Fort Hood, TX. and assigned to the 4th Infantry Division. Early in the 1999, the 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry deployed to Kuwait for six months, rotating back to Fort Hood just before Christmas.

As the lead division in the testing and fielding the latest the FORCE XXI concepts in high technology weapons, the 4th Infantry Division led the definition and development of the FORCE XXI Division and eventually the FORCE XXI Corps. In the continuing reorganization of the Army Divisions to align their structure with the FORCE XXI organization, the following brigade reconnaissance troops were added:

Operating as the Brigade reconnaissance troop, they will become the "eyes and ears" of the brigade conducting reconnaissance and security missions. In the field, their troops, either on foot or moving swiftly in heavily armed HMMWVs, will be probing ahead, scouting the terrain features, accessing, locating and identifying the presence of hostiles. This action enables the 1st Brigade to survey deep into their assigned sector, anticipate and plan for attack or counteraction operations.

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