39th Infantry Brigade
"The Arkansas Brigade"

The Army did not begin a formal program for determining lineage and honors until the 1920s. Before that time, considerable confusion existed within the Army about the accepted procedures and methods for determining the prior history of units and their entitlement to battle honors. With the demobilization of the Army following World War I, many distinguished units were lost from the rolls. To avert such problems in the future, the Historical Section of the Army War College assumed responsibility for maintaining historical information about Army units: thus lineage work began.

Today the Force Structure and Unit History Branch continues the work begun by the Historical Section of the Army War College. The branch maintains historical information on active and inactive units in all components - Regular Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard, and prepares official Lineage and Honors Certificates. On the basis of research in primary and secondary material, the certificates outline the major organizational changes undergone by the unit and provide a list of the official battle honors (campaign credit and decorations) that the unit has earned. The information contained on the certificates is reformatted for publication in the Army Lineage Series

While it would take a book to recount the rich history brought about by the changes of each unit in the 10th Cavalry Regiment, an overall look at the major reorganizational elements of the Regimental Lineage presents a picture of an organization that was accustomed to fighting and brought strength from change.

39th Infantry Brigade
"The Arkansas Brigade"

18 July 1917; Constituted in the National Guard as Headquarters, 39th Division (to be organized with troops from Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi).

25 August 1917; Organized for training at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana.

23 January 1919; Demobilized at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana.

27 May 1946; Reconstituted in the National Guard as Headquarters, 39th Infantry Division.

30 September 1946; Reorganized and federally recognized in part, at New Orleans, Louisiana.

26 August 1947; Federally recognized in part at Little Rock, Arkansas. (The Louisiana part - hereafter separate lineage.)

24 September 1957; Ordered into active Federal service at Little Rock.

25 October 1957; Released from active Federal service and reverted to state control.

01 December 1967; Reorganized and redesignated as Headquarters, 39th Infantry Brigade (Headquarters Company, 39th Infantry Brigade completely converted and redesignated from Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 39th Infantry Division [Arkansas part - which was organized and federally recognized 22 October 1946 at Little Rock]).

1973; Affiliated with the 101st Airborne Division (AASLT).

12 April 1994; - Selected as 1 of 15 enhanced brigades.

1999; 39th Infantry Brigade (Separate) selected as one of the light enhanced brigades to "stand up" the AC/RC (Active/Reserve Components) Integrated Division and became part of the 7th Infantry Division.

27 September 2003; Received mobilization orders to report for federal active duty in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.

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