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The 1st Cavalry Division, a major subordinate command of the US Third Mobile Armored Corps, is a 19,000 soldier, heavy armored division stationed at Ft. Hood, TX. As one of the two "on-call" heavy contingency force divisions of the Army, the First Team has an on-order mission to deploy by sea, air or land to any part of the world on a short notice. The following narratives, divided in timeline eras of major operational missions, describes the threat environment, tactical conditions, evolution of equipment technology and the strategic methodology employed its manuever command units, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Brigade Combat Team and its Subordinate Units, to contribute to the highly successful missions enhancement of the warring organization of the 1st Cavalry Division and the honors they achieved are summarized in the chapters that follow.


On Order, the 1st Cavalry Division Artillery has an on-order mission to deploy by sea, air or land to any part of the world on a short notice in support of the objectives of the theater Commander. Once engaged with the threat; the objective is to destroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon, rocket, and missile fires and to integrate all fires into combined arms operations. On Order, the 1st Cavalry Division Artillery redeploys and prepares for future operations.

Organizational Summary:

The 1st Cavalry Division Separate Battalions and Companies are a composite sub set of operating elements organic to the Division. Specifically each of the units; the 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the 1st Cavalry Division Band, 1st Cavalry Horse Detachment, the 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery, 13th Signal Battalion, 312th Military Intelligence Battalion or the 545th Military Police Company has a unique mission which, except for the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, is applicable to the entire division area of responsibility and executed independently or in support of each other and other elements of the division. Each of these units, which are assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division and operate under the control of the Division Headquarters, is stationed at Fort Hood, Texas as part of the U.S. Third Mobile Armored Corps.

The use of Separate Battalions and Companies can be traced back to the organization of the Division in 1921 which included "Special Troops" who performed specific missions in support of the objectives of the Division. One of the current Special Battalions, the 13th Signal Battalion can trace its lineage back to the 13th Signal Troop, Special Troops. The current mix and capability of the Special Battalions and Companies has been developed in conjunction with the long history and needs of the 1st Cavalry Division. It is the combination of the experienced training received by each dedicated member of the Team and adherence to the performance level and traditions of the past. Highlights of the many historical significant accomplishments of the Separate Battalions and Companies and the honors they have earned are summarized in the chapters that follow:

Separate Battalions and Companies Organization

4th Bn, 5th Air Defence Arty

13th Signal Bn

312th M. I. Battalion

545 M. P. Company
1st Cavalry
- Active -
HQ & HQ Bn
1st Cav Div Band
HQ & HQ Bn
1st Cavalry
- Active -
1st Cavalry
HQ & HQ Bn, 1st Cav Div

Horse Cav Det
1st Cavalry
- Active -
HQ & HQ Bn
1st Cav Div Horse Cav Det

Date Of Issue - 03 March, 2012

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