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Activated on 17 September 1996, the 615th Aviation Support Battalion was the first of its kind within the 1st Cavalry Division to be organized to provide logistical support to the 4th Brigade (Aviation), The 615th Support Battalion, consisting of a Headquarters and Supply Company, "A" Company (AIM) and "B" Company (GMSSA) formed a unique support group with tailored functions to support the Cavalry Aviation Brigade.

In the formation of the Battalion, "A" Company absorbed the rich history and honor of the troopers assigned to "F" Company, 227th Aviation Regiment (AIM) who retired their colors, closing a chapter on the proud heritage they have developed since 1963. "B" Company, 615th Support Battalion (Ground Maintenance Company and Supply Activities) was formed by the redesignation of "C" Company, 27th Support Battalion (MAIN). The Headquarters and Supply Company (HSC) was formed from various Division Support Command assets. Following the activation, the battalion had three companies providing for the maintenance, supply, and fuel support for the 4th Brigade.

Since the activation of the unit, the Soldiers of the Battalion were instrumental in the modernization of the 4th Brigade through their work in supporting the fielding the AH-64 Longbow Apache Attack Helicopters, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior helicopters and by continually upgrading and updating logistics support equipment, training, and procedures.

Soldiers of this battalion have participated in numerous deployments and National Training Center rotations in support of Brigade training operations. In 1997, 615th elements supported the annual Intrinsic Action exercises in the Middle East. From 1998 to 1999, the entire battalion deployed to Bosnia as part of Stabilization Force 4 and 5 in support of Operation Joint Forge. The battalion has also participated in many command post and computer simulation (Warfighter) exercises using state of the art technology to fight and win on the battlefield.

In 2004, the battalion deployed to Iraq as part of 4th Brigade and the 1st Cavalry Division in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom II. The battalion successfully completed its mission and redeployed back to Fort Hood in early 2005.

In early 2005 the 615th Aviation Support Battalion was inactivaed along with the rest the 1st Cavalry Division Support Command (DISCOM) elements. It was relieved from assignment to the 1st Cavalry Division. This restructuring was part of the transformation of the 1st Cavalry Division to the modular force structure of the US Army. As part of the transformation, assets previously held at division level, but habitually attached to its brigades would be made organic to those brigades.

On 26 May 2005 the unit was subsequently reorganized and reactivated, assigned to the Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. The Headquarters and Supply Company (HSC) consised of all battalion-level command and staff personnel, all battalion food service personnel, and a support operations section. Additionally, it consists of the supply and service sections required to sustain the 4th Brigade. "A" Company, an aviation intermediate maintenance company, repairs the aircraft of the 4th Brigade. "B" Company is the ground maintenance company in the support battalion. It repairs all ground support equipment organic to the 4th Brigade.

The battalion began its reorganization as part of the Unit of Action transformation taking place across the Army. This transformation added two companies with about 320 more personnel, their equipment and many functions and missions currently provided by units at echelons above Brigade level. In July 2005, the unit formed "C" Company, a Signal Network Node company, from elements of the deactivated 13th Signal Battalion and also received the attachment of "F" Company, 1st Battalion, 58th Aviation Regiment, an Air Traffic Services company.

In 2006, the Battalion deployed to Iraq as part of the Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08. In August 2006 a Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Company was activated upon deployment as Company E. The Battalion successfully completed its mission and redeployed back to Fort Hood, Texas at the end of 2007.

Although the battalion is youngest in its history, its Soldiers have served around the world in both peace and war and it already has a proud tradition. Soldiers assigned to the battalion have proven top in their profession, winning prestigious unit awards and providing uninterrupted support to the Aviation units of the 1st Cavalry Division. These Soldiers are the most precious resource of our Army and their decisive, hard performance is deserving of the motto of the unit - "FORGE THE EDGE".

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