5th Cavalry Regiment
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"Loyalty and Courage"

On 03 March 1855, the 5th Cavalry Regiment, originally designated as the 2nd Cavalry, was activated in Louisville, Kentucky with troops drawn from Alabama, Maryland, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. The officers were hand picked by Secretary of War, Jefferson Davis, a former Cavalry officer of the US Regiment of Dragoons, who would later become president of the Confederacy.

When Mr. Jefferson Davis, the war secretary in 1855, had secured the adoption of his pet scheme for the organization of two new mounted regiments, he set out at once to make them worthy of his patronage. Much opposition had been encountered from the class of politicians who are inimical to a regular army, who pretended to fear many plans for conquest abroad or reward for favorites at home, so that, among other compromises, about half of the new appointments were made from civil life. Among the officers of the Army, great rivalry existed for the new places, because of the prospective increase in rank.

Mr. Davis then displayed that fine judgment in the selection of men, which has been said to be the first requisite of greatness, and which afterwards enabled him to place the fate of the Southern Confederacy in the best hands from the early days of the war. Out of twenty officers who joined the 5th Cavalry Regiment from the Regular Army in 1855, those who obtained the grade of general officer in the Rebellion were: